April 22nd, 2018
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Achinta and Earl

Things That Make US Happy

  • 1. Traveling with Earl
  • 2. Our Kitty, Miss Meew
  • 3. Boogie Boarding
  • 4. Watching Jeopardy!
  • 5. Dancing
  • 1. Getaways with Achinta
  • 2. Making hot sauce
  • 3. Listening to Records
  • 4. Football on Sundays
  • 5. Skating and surfing

Dear Birthmother

We are Achinta & Earl from Southern California.

Thank you so much for considering us! We truly admire your love, courage and selflessness.  We understand that this is a very important decision that is close to your heart.  This choice takes incredible strength!  YOUR BRAVERY GIVES US HOPE THAT OUR DREAM OF BECOMING PARENTS WILL SOON COME TRUE.  

We have always wanted to be parents, and have always wanted to adopt. Your child will grow up knowing their special adoption story and what a tremendous gift you gave.

We have a strong relationship built on love, trust, respect, and a lot of laughter.  We are also fortunate to have the love and support of our wonderful families.  We know it is time for us to become parents, and promise to create a loving, accepting, and fun home for your child.  We have so much love to give.

We hope this profile gives you a glimpse into who we are and what type of parents we will be.


Achinta & Earl


Our Story

We met in San Francisco 15 years ago and dated for 4 months.

We lived across the country from each other: Earl in LA, Achinta in NYC, and met at a common friend’s house in San Francisco on a cool winter evening.  After having an instant connection and the time of our lives together that weekend, Earl called his best friend and said he met the girl he was destined to marry, and Achinta started packing for the west coast.  Four months later, we got engaged in Chagrin Falls, Ohio surrounded by our family, and the rest is history!

We both feel so lucky to share a life of love and laughter together.  We built our new home in Los Angeles with a lovely backyard perfect for a jungle gym! We enjoy spending time at Venice Beach, cheering on our LA teams (go Lakers!), and going to see plays, dance performances, and movies.  We also love whipping up adventurous meals at home almost everyday, and going out to eat at all types of different restaurants. We are lucky to live near Disneyland and Universal Studios, and visit often.  Art is a big part of our life, and we go to museums regularly and listen to our large vinyl record collection every weekend- from Punkrock to Pavarotti. Miss Meew is our our cat that acts like a puppy, meets us at the door, plays with us all day, and loves kids. We value giving back to the community and treating all living creatures with respect.  We are really excited to share and experience these things through our future child’s eyes.

Meet Achinta


I’ve always known that I would be a mother and I’m excited that adoption is the way my dream will come true!  I was born in New York and grew up in Ohio, with a love for performing, dancing from at the age of 3, and growing up putting on shows for my family. I’ve worked in the dance, TV, and film worlds for years, have my own dance company that has toured around the world, and am a professor of dance at a nearby university.  After 15 years of dancing, now I focus on choreography and teaching, allowing me to have a flexible, easy schedule perfect in which to raise our first child.  I am bursting with energy and passion, and, above all, I have always wanted to be a mommy, and to share my joy and excitement with my child.

About Achinta by Earl

When I met Achinta, it was truly love at first sight, and I am so lucky that she agreed to become my partner in life. Her outlook and compassion for others have made me a better person as we’ve grown together. In her work she is creative and passionate, both traits that carry over into our marriage and personal relationships. She puts 100% into everything she takes on, and this will no doubt be true in the warmth and caring she will put forward in raising your child. There is no challenge she is not willing to face head on, and she never backs down from all that life throws her way. She has brought our family closer than I ever could have imagined, and it is truly a testament to the loving family that raised her. Achinta is incredibly selfless, and will always put your child first. Every morning that I wake up next to her, I thank my lucky stars that I took that trip to San Francisco where we met.

Achinta Loves: Dancing, Traveling with Earl and Family, Teaching, Boat rides on the Pacific, Watching Jeopardy!, reading, Karaoke

Meet Earl

I was born in Denver, but grew up in southern Indiana.  I had an active childhood full of sports, skateboarding, music, art, and sailing.  I have lived in LA for about 20 years now and love it.  I am a huge football and basketball fan, and though I love LA teams, my heart belongs to Cincinnati, where I went to college and studied film.  I am lucky to love my job, working in the film industry in Hollywood as a producer and director.

Earl by Achinta

Earl is the funniest human being I’ve ever met- he has made me laugh with glee since the moment I met him 15 years ago.  He is also one of the hardest working men out there, working tirelessly with a smile on his face everyday to be the best provider he can be.  He is protective, kind, gentle, silly, fun, and caring. Earl is the favorite uncle to all of our nieces and nephews- they adore his playful spirit and horsing around.  Earl makes me want to work harder, do better, and to be my best self, and I know he will set the very best example for our child.

Earl Loves: skateboarding & surfing, growing hot peppers, collecting vinyl records, grilling & cooking, spoiling my nieces & nephews


Earl’s Mom lives 20 minutes away and can’t wait to spoil her grandchild! Achinta’s family hails from the east coast, while Earl’s father (also Earl) and step-mom live in Florida, and his sister’s family in the Midwest. (We’ve heard hints of moving closer to us when we adopt our first child.)  We are close to our extended families on both sides, and consider our cousins and aunts and uncles amongst our best friends, and of course love to spoil our nieces and nephews. Luckily, we see our families at our homes multiple times a year, and enjoy having reunions at exotic travel destinations as well.  Your child would grow up in such a loving large family – having play dates with cousins from all over the world!

While we love to travel, there’s no place like home

We love to explore the globe together, and can’t wait to share the world’s adventures with our child!  We are lucky enough to have been to some incredible places around the world, from getting married in Bali, an island off the tip of Indonesia, to India, Mexico, Hawaii, Europe, Africa, and all over the United States.

Bucket list (your child will experience with us):

Visit the Pyramids of Egypt

Sleep beneath the Northern Lights in Finland

Play with Giant Pandas in China

Swim with Tortoises in the Galapagos Islands


Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about us and for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.  We’re honored to be taking part in this incredible journey and look forward to learning more about you!

We are so excited to become parents. We promise to provide unconditional love and support, to give your child every possible opportunity as well as a home filled with lots of love and laughter!

We will be there to guide your child and instill our morals and values, while always being supportive of your child’s dreams. Your bravery makes it possible. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


If you have any questions for us or if you would like to speak with us about adopting your child, please contact your caseworker at AdoptHelp by calling 1.800.637.7999