August 20th, 2019
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Amanda and Mark

Hello: Hey, ya’ll! We’re Mark and Amanda, and we’re from the south (Virginia); home of Magnolia trees, sweet tea, southern charm and comfort food.  We are excited to grow our family through adoption and hope you find this glimpse into our lives helpful as you make this self-less and loving decision.  No training wheels here! As seasoned parents of two children, we’re ready for Round 3 of sleepless nights, diapers and lots of snuggles.  We’re a fun loving family and want for you to know that we will do everything possible to ensure your child is raised in a warm, nurturing home surrounded by family and friends.

About us:  We met through an online dating site 11 years ago. Mark and I wrote e-mails for several weeks before we agreed to meet in person and, by the time we did, we knew our relationship was something special.  On our first date, we talked 5 hours over dinner.  After the 3rd date, we knew it was meant to be and got engaged one year later.  We have two children, Olivia (age 6) and Luca (age 4).  As a family we enjoy dinner as a family, game nights, movie nights, and our annual trip to the Outer Banks.

Home: We were both raised in Virginia and enjoy all 4 seasons.  We live in a Georgian colonial home that we designed ourselves located near good schools.  There are so many elementary kids, we have two bus routes!  Our neighborhood has a pool and, during the summer, we can often be seen floating the day away.  We also have walking trails that wind down by the river, a playground and several parks where we like to ride bikes.  Our city is rich in history and tradition.

Written by Amanda:

Mark is a faithful and affectionate husband and fun-loving father.  There are piggy back rides in abundance in our home!

He has been working in financial research for over 7 years. Mark loves golf! He would gladly golf in the snow if he could still find the ball.  Thank goodness for indoor driving ranges.

Written by Mark:

Amanda is a wonderful mother and role model for our children.  She is patient and compassionate.  We are adventurous and like to travel and experience new things together.

She is an amazing cook.  Her eggplant parmesan and deviled eggs always get great reviews!  We have been married for 10 years in 2017.  We had a traditional wedding, and I would marry her all over again tomorrow.  Maybe at a little chapel in Vegas?

Things we love to do together:

Travel – we’ve both traveled throughout North America and Europe and always try to have a trip planned that we can look forward to

Snow Ski – we both have been skiers our entire lives and it is something we have recently introduced to our children; we love watching them learn a new sport and how quickly they take to it.

Cook – Mark is the grill master and makes a great sous chef; summers are spent BBQing on the grill.

Meet Big Brother: Luca is 4 years old and looking forward to Jr. Kindergarten next year.  He is very athletic and enjoys swimming, playing soccer, climbing trees, and gymnastics.  We think he might become an engineer one day because he is always investigating how things work.  One minute he is with us and the next he is down on the floor trying to figure out how the shopping cart rolls!  He is a very affectionate little boy who enjoys cuddling up to read a book and giving hugs to…everyone! When he isn’t building out a new train track, he is playing with his construction toys. He enjoys listing to music and playing his violin. He cannot wait to become a big brother!

Meet Big Sister: Olivia is 6 years old and cannot wait to help take care of her new little brother or sister.  She is protective, responsible and creative; always looking for the next art project or a way to turn an empty cereal box into a new set of furniture for her dollhouse.  She loves to make everyone laugh, and is always in search of her next punch line.  She loves swimming, gymnastics, yoga and running!  When she isn’t playing tick-tac-toe, she enjoys going for walks and spending girl time with mom.

Our Promise to You: We respect you and your decision and, as biological parents ourselves, we understand that you are and will always be an important part of who they are and how they identify with the world.  We will make sure your child knows that their adoption was an act of courage and love.  We want you to know that we will strive to be positive role models.  We will:

  • laugh with your child every day
  • teach them it is ok to make mistakes and how to learn from them
  • cultivate their imagination
  • ensure their safety
  • tickle them
  • show them the world
  • let them fail
  • provide encouragement

A Special Message to You: Thank you for taking time getting to know us. We admire your openness to adoption and understand that you are considering one of the most important decisions of your life.  Whatever your decision, we are grateful that you are considering us as adoptive parents for your baby.  We love being parents and hope your will entrust us with showering your little one with lifelong unconditional love.