August 20th, 2019
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Hello! I’m Catherine!

Dear Birth Mother: I WANT TO START BY EXPRESSING MY SINCERE GRATITUDE FOR YOUR TRUE ACT OF COURAGE AND LOVE IN MAKING THIS PLAN FOR ADOPTION. I know that whomever you choose to parent your child will provide a loving and nurturing home. I look forward to getting to know you throughout this journey!

I am an affectionate and loving person who always dreamed of being a parent and of having a home full of love and laughter. After many years of trying, I was blessed to have my son. He is seven years old with a warm and happy personality that will make him an amazing older brother. Together we find joy in every day. As a parent, I provide a healthy, nurturing home where my son is raised to be curious, resilient, and kind. Where he is loved and always supported.

Adventures Near and Far: I have been lucky enough to travel to amazing places throughout the world – Russia, China, Africa, and Europe. Living in Southern California we regularly spend a weekend in Santa Barbara learning how to ride the waves or playing in the snow in Big Bear with dear friends. In the summer, we head to Balboa on Sundays to spend the day with family, rowing in kayaks, walking the island, playing on the beach, barbecuing and practicing baseball.

When I asked Dylan what we like to do, he said, “Play together, hug, do funny things, play catch.” I have to agree. We love to spend time riding our bikes, gardening, cooking, and reading.

5 Things You Might Be Surprised To Learn About Me:

  1. Every year I travel to some place wonderful to explore somewhere totally new!
  2. I got my Doctorate in Psychology (shhhhhh!)
  3. I completed a full ironman triathlon – swimming, biking and running 140.6 miles in just one day!
  4. I love taking dance classes – any style of dance.
  5. I am a hardcore paperback lover, no Kindle for me.



A Closer Look At Me

Things Two Of My Best Friends Will Say About Me:

“Catherine is steadfast, loving, honest, loyal, solid as a rock.”

“She’s strong, trustworthy, loving, committed, & generous.”

My Work Life: I’ve spent much of my work life with children – first as a special education teacher and then in a doctorate program in clinical psychology that focused on children and families. I had the marvelous opportunity to learn about and practice ways to help children grow and flourish through loving, kind and respectful guidance.

For the past decade, I have worked as a business manager and Chief Operations Officer. I am currently running Operations and Sales Support for an environmentally-friendly packaging company located 5 minutes from my home.

I chose this job for a number of reasons:

  • It allows me to work with people I respect and enjoy while doing what I love.
  • My schedule is my own, allowing me the flexibility I need as a mother
  • The environment is energetic and inclusive, allowing Dylan to accompany me to work when necessary.


Meet Dylan

Meet Dylan: BEING DYLAN’S MOTHER IS THE MOST WONDERFUL AND REWARDING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. Dylan finds joy in the everyday – it is contagious to everyone around him! Dylan is loving, passionate, quick to laugh, and kind. Dylan attends a school that embraces learning through play. Every morning when we arrive, he happily runs into the beautiful play yard to find his friends and teachers. After school, we head to swimming classes, baseball, or home to play and cook together. My family lives very close to us and he is very close to them – they are our “village”.

I will teach my future son or daughter to be:

  • A good citizen
  • A kind person
  • Hardworking
  • Generous
  • To stand up for themselves
  • And most importantly, that I will always love and support them through thick and thin.



My Loving Family

My Family: I grew up with three siblings – two older biological sisters and one younger adopted brother. I’m very close with my family – we all still live near each other and see each other often. Our childhood was filled with laughter and energy. My father coached our sports teams with a great sense of pride and humor – a must-have quality in a parent. My mother was the backbone of our house, staying home to raise all of us before heading off to get her doctorate in psychology, a decision we are all very proud of her for. I value my siblings and our relationships even more now that we’re adults with our own families, and that’s an experience I very much want for my son as well. My son is a huge fan of his aunts, uncles and cousins and always loves to see his grandparents, who shower him with love and affection.

Meet Nana: Nana is my current canine companion in a long line of wonderful family dogs. She is loving, gentle with children and other dogs, and protective of our home. Dylan grew up playing next to her, on top of her, and with her. With her he has learned responsibility, empathy, and kindness to animals.

5 of our Favorite Family Traditions:

  1. Sending home a postcard from every place we go.
  2. Sunday family dinners.
  3. Watching the Rose Parade every New Year and ensuing Rose Bowl football game.
  4. Giving children in the family a unique Christmas ornament every year.
  5. Summer weekends at my parents’ beach house.



Our Home and Closing Thoughts

We own a home in a small suburb just outside of Los Angeles, on a tree-lined street filled with families. I chose this town because of its great schools, cultural diversity and friendly community. We’re walking distance to beautiful parks, a farmer’s market, kid-friendly restaurants and places to meet friends for fun playdates. We also have a wonderful dog, Nana, named after the dog in Peter Pan because of her gentle nature. She’s great with kids – always happy to get kisses and hugs. In the backyard is a playset with swings, a clubhouse, and slide. We often have friends over for playdates and BBQs, and it’s a truly wonderful place to live as a family.

The Items In My Home That Represent Us Best Are…

  • The island, our gathering spot in the kitchen.
  • The backyard – we have a gazebo, play structure and picnic table.
  • The garden!
  • Dylan’s room – his tent, his desk, his bed and lovies.
  • The living room sofa and play area.


5 Places/Activities in my Community I Really Love and Why!

  1. Dylan’s school – the fact that it provides play-based learning; there is guidance and also freedom of choice.
  2. My sister’s house – it’s an easy place for everyone to let down their hair.
  3. Sunday night Luggage Room -the whole family comes to dinner!
  4. Walking the Rose Bowl with Nana and Dylan on his bike.
  5. Watching Dylan play baseball at Pony League practice and games.


In Closing:

AS YOU MAKE THIS DECISION, I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU FOR CONSIDERING ME IN FINDING A LOVING FAMILY FOR YOUR CHILD. I will fill their life with love, kindness and support, to enable them to grow into the wonderful person I know they will be.