July 23rd, 2019
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Patrick and Bobbie Jo

Hello! We are Bobbie Jo and Patrick

Thank you for your strength, courage, and kindness for choosing adoption. We are truly lucky at the opportunity to raise a child. This glorious profile that you hold in your hand is a tale of our lives together from the improbable story of how we met to the wonderful and interesting friends and family that bring love into our lives.   If you choose us as adoptive parents it will be a huge honor. We have wanted to be parents for as long as we can remember. We just feel fortunate to be considered as adoptive parents and we will give all of our love and attention to  this child.

Just the Two of Us

We met in the unlikeliest place, in organ and tissue donation. Patrick drew Bobbie Jo’s attention with his sultry voice singing “All the Single Ladies” as he entered the call center with his scrub pants rolled up to his knees. From there we have been inseparable, touring the town of Los Angeles and all of its finest offerings. After eight grand years of dating, we finally tied the knot in Pismo Beach in 2017 where we had more on-lookers than attendees at the wedding.   Due to Bobbie Jo’s history of cancer we knew early on in our relationship that we wanted to adopt and our excitement to be parents is as high as ever. Bobbie Jo’s love of children is very apparent when we are at get-togethers. She can be found at the children’s table holding one of our friends’ babies.

From the start we have always gone on adventures together…traveling, hiking, local bike rides, or just getting lost due to Patrick’s directions. Though our families are in different states we make time to go back every year to Colorado and Minnesota to spend holidays or vacation with our families.



A Little About Patrick

Patrick has a heart of gold. He is extremely considerate, kind and caring. He is the biggest goofball that I have ever known. Patrick is very charismatic and gets along with everyone that he meets. He loves to tinker with electronics as well as build things. Patrick is an amazing cook and enjoys using every pan, plate and utensil in the kitchen to create a meal! He is easy-going, and when he takes a wrong turn when driving says, “It is an adventure.”

He is hardworking and takes pride in what he does. Patrick works in the biotech field, but has had a variety of professions over the years from doing recoveries for organ and tissue donation to working in a brewery as a brew master.   Family is very important to him as he makes sure to see his family a couple of times a year and talks with them weekly. His friends and family mean the world to him.

Patrick doesn’t judge and believes in giving others the benefit of the doubt. He has a positivity that brightens up every room that he walks in to. He is an amazing listener and enjoys the outdoors and staying active.



Just a Small Town Girl… Sort of

Bobbie Jo wears her heart on her sleeve. She cares BIG about her friends, family, and loved ones as well as strangers she just meets or people in need. She loves unconditionally and always lets her big fat heart lead the way. She works in healthcare where she can continue to give her time and energy to people needing care and support. Her favorite place to work is in Pediatrics where she loves the interaction the kids and to make them laugh, often times it’s hard to tell who’s having more fun.

Bobbie Jo has moved all over the United States from Montana to Arizona and back. She also has a many school degrees (Masseuse, English, Nursing, Psychology) making her quite the Renaissance woman. She is an overachiever by nature doing every sport, club, and activity even underwater basket weaving. Its safe to say she doesn’t shy away from anything. She will make a great parent because of her empathy, kindness, willingness to do anything, unwavering resolve, and belief in people. She will teach our future child emotional intelligence and the power of internal strength. She is the strongest woman I know and I can’t wait to see her become a mom!



It Takes a Village

Bobbie Jo comes from a big Midwestern family with lots of aunts, uncles and cousins. She is very close with her parents and brothers, talking to them several times a week, and visiting them as often as we can.

Patrick comes from a small, tight-knit, Colorado family. Growing up in a small town, Patrick and his two sisters relied on each other for laughter, entertainment, and support. The kids still get together once a year for sibling weekend where we all pick a place and meet up. Patrick’s parents instilled in him the importance of hard work, family, and making sure not to take life too seriously. We all enjoy camping, fishing, and hiking together and love to reconnect over Patrick’s mom’s famous bowl of clam chowder.

Growing Together

We look at parenting as a two-way street that as the child continues to learn and grow, so do the parents. Our lives together will be full of opportunities to learn from one another and explore new, unique experiences. We hope that our future child has a passion for learning and exploring their environment without the fear of failure. We want them to make mistakes and realize that it’s an important part of growing up. We want to pass on to them that family is the most important thing, that they will always have that support group rooting for them and that we will love them no matter what.

For the last seven years we have been beekeepers. We currently have one hive at our friend’s place in Pasadena. We love the patience, time, and care that it takes to create the honey and the wild differences in the flavors and aromas from year to year.



Our Home, Community, Fun Time and Closing Thoughts

The Irvine community continues to be ranked among the safest places to live in the USA, as well as a boosting high quality school system. Its eclectic mix of culture creates a melting pot of unique cultures and experiences. Our home is nestled amongst a classic suburb of Irvine with local lakes (with geese, HONK!!!) local shops, parks, and pools. Our spacious home has high vaulted ceilings and with Bobbie Jo’s shabby chic design has created inviting atmospheres and a loving charm.

Five Places/Activities in our Community we really Love!

Our local lake – We take long walks around our neighborhood and watch the sunsets.

Crystal Cove – A lovely rustic beach walk that is nestled away from the traffic and provides a relaxing walk with nice ocean views.

Biking – There are numerous off-road and city bike trails that allow us to be active and explore our community.

Woodbridge Village – Our neighborhood center with hot and cold running playgrounds, coffee shops, and eateries.

Our local pools with hot tubs and lap pools – As we found out recently swimming for a workout is no joke.

Fun Time

For the last seven years we have been beekeepers. We currently have one hive at our friend’s place in Pasadena. We love the patience, time, and care that it takes to create the honey and the wild differences in the flavors and aromas from year to year.

We love gardening together. Our local university has exotic options when it comes to peppers, tomatoes, spices, and herbs. Nothing beats homemade spaghetti sauce or overly spicy salsa.

Bobbie Jo enjoys photography ever since her time in Montana. She likes capturing moments of her surroundings from raging rivers, beach cruisers in the sand, to surfboards in Hawaii. 

The End and the Beginning

Everyone has a unique story and a lot to offer your child, but why pick us? Because we will love your child more than anyone in this world and they will make us so very happy. We hope that by sharing our story and learning about us, you were able to see how much your child would mean to us.