July 16th, 2019
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Why Positive Adoption Language Matters

The language of adoption has constantly been changing and evolving. Since the 1970s, it has been a controversial issue linked closely with adoption reform efforts. The reason behind the controversies is over the use of…

In A Birth Mother’s Words – Reasons For Placement

In domestic adoption, a birth mother chooses the parent(s) she wants to adopt her child. As an adoption attorney, prospective parents often ask me why birth mothers place their babies for adoption. I have compiled…

Tips to Consider for Your First Conversation with Adoptive Parent(s)

For birth mothers:  Your first conversation with the adoptive parent(s) is very important and will hopefully provide you with a lot of information about the family that may adopt your child. While you may be…

Tips to Consider for Your First Conversation with a Birth Mother

For adoptive parents: The first phone call with a birth mother, who is considering adoption and placing her baby with you, can be somewhat nerve-racking! However, many birth mothers share the same fears as you…

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